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Effectively verifying contact data and remaining compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is vital to mitigating costly fines that can severely impact your business and reputation. To optimize your customer contact strategies, TransUnion offers real-time access to carrier data allowing you to quickly confirm the line type and ownership of a given phone number.

Implementing our batch monitoring solutions can streamline your compliance efforts and overall operational flow. Plus, you can receive daily updates that allow you to track status changes like whether a number has been ported to a major carrier — again helping you avoid regulatory violations.

TCPA Phone Verification provides verification of phone ownership details direct from carrier billing data.

Using inputs, such as correlation ID, phone number, first and last names, etc., you can receive information as to service type, wireless or landline, account status and a verification score with the probability of ownership by the name provided.


Contact Data Verification delivers deeper information regarding ownership of a phone number.

Again, with the inputs you provide, you can receive detailed information regarding name, address, service type, provider, pre or post-paid account, account status, verification score of probability of ownership and more.

Product Highlights:
  • Reduce and limit calls to canceled or suspended numbers
  • Verify number ownership of the consenting party
  • Track ported numbers
  • Validate phone type
  • Improve the accuracy of customer contact details
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