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TLOxp Searches and Reports

Instantly access a 360º profile of any person, business or location


People and asset searches

TLOxp® can search and locate virtually any individual, anywhere in the U.S., including U.S. territories such as Guam and Puerto Rico. The information you receive about individual subjects is rich and constantly updated, including:

  • 360º profile—From basic information like names, phones, emails and address to detailed data on employment, aliases, assets, criminal history, bankruptcies and much more.

  • Partial data searches—You can enter partial information from addresses, SSNs, telephone numbers and more. Search by location radius or age range. Even enter a phonetic name spelling, and TLOxp narrows the search to the fewest possible options. You won't believe how much this unique feature reduces legwork.

Business searches

TLOxp is a vital tool in the fight against corporate fraud. It can help mitigate risk and perform critical due diligence for companies.

Discover the truth about potential business partners and vendors before you enter into relationships that could be devastating for your company, its bottom line and the wellbeing of your hard-working employees.

  • Complete corporate profiles—TLOxp brings you information about past and present legal and fraud issues, current and former corporate officers, liquidations, assets and much more.
  • Global reach—TLOxp’s massive data repository includes both domestic and international business coverage, and we’re adding more data points on activity overseas every day. Protect your business with information on companies and individuals contained on U.S. sanctions and watch lists.

Customized reports

TLOxp reports and searches provide a comprehensive profile of virtually any person, business or location in the U.S. In addition, the reports and searches are customizable down to each individual user, giving you ultimate control over who has access to what data.

  • TLOxp reports detail results based on the specific search criteria selected
  • Customize the look with your own logo and corporate identity
  • Control access to ensure appropriate security and confidentiality
TLOxp provides insights to:
  • Streamline investigations by avoiding dead-end leads

  • Quickly retrieve actionable information that points you in the right direction

  • Locate hard-to-find subjects

  • Authenticate individuals

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